This is a creative or ad set.


Is the one who buys advertisement on websites of publishers.


A set of requests, which can help automating the campaign creation, modification and activation.

Approval status

Verification of an advertisement


The most common display advertising format.

Banner placement

Location of the banner on the site.

Banner size

The size of the banner measured in pixels.


A list of websites, on which your ads will not be shown.

Body (web-push)

A text in a web-push notification.


A list of advertisement displaying settings.

Campaign group

A list of campaigns united by advertiser by some attributes.


Type of sites (adult, mainstream etc.)

Common URL

The URL provided to all creatives in an the ad set.


Specific set of advertisement elements depending on an advertisement type. An advertisement can contain one or more creatives.

Full-page interstitial

Ad format that looks like a pop up window. Works on mobile and desktop devices.

Gallery ad

Ad format that designed for tube site owners.


An event indicating an advertisement was shown.

Icon (direct link)

An element of a direct link ad set. Symbol symbolizing a content on the website.

Icon (web-push)

An element of a web-push ad set. A square image representing a landing content.

In-page / Sticky ad

An advertising notification, similar to web-push. Notifications are fixed to a specific area of the screen while the user scrolls through the content.


A video advertisement shown before, or within a site content.

iOS calendar

An advertising push message, that can be delivered to all iOS devices through Google calendar.


A special IP target category.

Landing page

A web-site promoted by an advertiser.


The setting that restricts excessive costs or impressions.

Native ad

An advertisement imitating a content o the website. It looks like a banner advertisement, yet has a short text on it.

Popunder (Clickunder, Onclick)

A landing page, which opens in the next browser tab.

Premium sites

Premium sites of our exclusive partner.

Price box

Widget providing information about estimated daily traffic volume.

Pricing model

It's a system that chooses to charge an advertiser for displaying ads.


Is the one who sells ads on own sites.

Random rotation

A rotation of an advertisement's creatives providing random creative.

Referral program

A bonus system providing referral's percentage of spending to a referrer's account,

RON sites

All available traffic.

Rotation type

An algorithm choosing a creative from an advertisement.


Abbreviation for Real Time Bidding. A form of programmatic buying when ads are exchanged in milliseconds based on auction.


A banner with a custom code.

Smart rotation

A tool which helps to choose the best-performing creative.

Starting event endpoint

The URL which receives tracking information.

Subscription days

The number of days the user has opt-in to receive web push.

Tab-direct link

A publisher's site menu element with a direct link to an advertiser's landing page.


A caption text, element of an advertisement.


Use of external software to track the origin of impressions.


Impressions provided by publishers.

Two factor authentication

A way of preventing unwanted logins to an advertiser's account. For each login attempt it provides temporary code sent to user's e-mail.

Upload field

A dashboard element for uploading media files.


An internet link.


A file that contains information about the appearance of in-stream ad video.

Web-push notification

This is a browser's rich content message that can be sent to users, after they opted in.


The one who sees an advertisement on a publisher's site.


The opposite of blacklists. List of sites on which you allowed your ad.

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