We proceed the refunds of your remaining balance by user request in Live Support chat at ClickAdilla.com

All of the payments are refundable according special terms and there are no refunds or credits for already spent amount of money on internet traffic within the platform.

Company reserve the right to refund the remained balance on the account on next terms: 

  1. Advertiser has six (6) months from the last payment date to ask for a refund of the balance remaining on the account; 
  2. Refund will only be issued for a balance greater than $50; 
  3. Company may make refund in ninety (90) days; 
  4. Advertiser will reimburse all processing fees, there is a 10% fee for a refund and the minimal amount of fee is $25; 
  5. Company may refund payment after deduction used amount according with rates; 
  6. Advertisers canceled / terminated by Company for violating UAGP Terms are not entitled to a refund. 

The refund payments are made on the 1st and 16th date each month. The company reserve the right to make a refund through a paid service at its discretion. Please note: all funds credited to the account of the Advertiser within the frame of participation in bonus programs or similar actions of ClickAdilla are non-refundable in any case and subject to the terms and conditions of such programs.

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