For Popunders and Banners you can use the following tokens:

[DOMAIN] - HTTP referrer domain name.
[PRICE] - your ad price (in USD).
[PRICING_MODEL] - your ad pricing model (CPM/CPC)
[COUNTRY_ISO_CODE]  - ISO country code of a visitor
[MOBILE_BRAND] - Mobile Operator Brand
[BROWSER_FAMILY] - visitor browser
[OS_TYPE] - computer, mobile, tablet, etc.


.  .  .

For Push Notifications you can use the following tokens:

[DEVICEUA] - user agent
[DOMAIN] - domain

[PRICE] - price per 1000 impressions or per 1 click (depends on the pricing model)
[WEB_PUSH_ID] - ID of the advertisement
[WEB_PUSH_CREATIVE_ID] - ID of the push notification in the rotation


.  .  .

For In-Stream you can use the following tokens:

[DOMAIN] - domain
Please note: It shows only impressions on the site, but not clicks on the video ad.
[PRICE] - your ad price (in USD).

Just add tokens to the link of endpoint and you can get more detailed statistics. 

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